January 31, 2019     Holly     Personal Connections

Does this look familiar?

It’s only been almost two years, guys! That’s like…nothing in internet years, right?

Okay, so it might have been a while, and seemed like there was no possible way I was ever coming back to this blog, BUT I AM. Because damn it, I started this thing and I’m going to see it through. Add in the fact that my love of reading hasn’t ebbed much (i.e. at all) and it’s a combination that just screams “COME BACK TO BOOK TWISTER.”

So here I am. And as for an update on where I’ve been….

I’ve started a new job! I’m the Communications Specialist for an electric cooperative, still in Ohio, and am definitely happier in this job than I was at the warehouse. I’m finally using that really expensive piece of paper I spent four years of my life working towards, and I’m pretty proud of that aspect of my life.

My wonderful dog, Otto, has grown to 150 pounds of attitude. He’s pretty much the love of my life, to be honest with you.

Is it sad that those are the biggest changes in my life in the last two years? I can add that I now have a smart TV, if that helps? Ah, whatever. I’m a boring person who enjoys staying home. IT’S WHY I’M A BOOK NERD!

Anyway, I’m planning on being back. I’m making no promises about my frequency, but I never really followed a schedule before either.

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